Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Praying for Enemies

Fr. Mark has a remarkable prayer to the Sacred Heart for all those who have wished us ill.

I pray for those who hate me,
for those who resent me
and for those who have spoken ill of me.
I beg you to bless them abundantly
and to pour into their hearts
such a profusion of healing mercies
that in them and around them
love will triumph over hatred,
friendship over resentment,
sweetness over bitterness,
meekness over anger,
and peace over enmity.
I further ask you to extend these graces
to their families and to all whom they hold dear.


Anne said...

What a lovely prayer! I need to embed it in my heart! Thanks for sharing it!

Julygirl said...

It is hard since we think our anger toward them will punish them when instead it harms us. The more we pray for wayward souls including out own, the less forces Satan has on his side.

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