Thursday, September 16, 2010


Father Lawrence Lovasik in The Hidden Power of Kindness speaks of the dangers of discouragement to the spiritual life:
There are few things which resist grace so much as discouragement. Many plans for God's glory have failed because there was no bright look or or kind eye or kind word to support them. You may not have come forward with the help your brother needs, because you were busy with your own work and never looked at his, or because you were jealous and looked coldly and spoke critically.
A kind deed, a kind word, or the mere tone of voice is enough to convey sympathy to the poor suffering heart, and in one instant all is right again. The downcast soul is encouraged to do bravely the very thing which, in a mood of discouragement, it had almost resolved to leave undone. That encouragement may be the first link of a new chain, which, when finished, will result in final perseverance. (Lovasik, Lawrence. The Hidden Power of Kindness. p.10)
How vital it is especially in families to help each other fend off discouragement, especially when the times are full of foreboding.


Julygirl said...

One does not necessarily want or need advice, but on the contary, they need to feel validated and cared about during thier time of suffering.

Anonymous said...

I very good reminder.

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you, Brother, please pray for us.

Mary333 said...

I fall prey to discouragement. I always have to keep a watch on my thought life so that I don't fall back into old thought habits. I am close to my brothers and sisters and thank God for them. They too have to battle with this.

Matterhorn said...

I am well acquainted with these dangers.

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