Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Shroud

What do scientists say and where does the Church stand?


Elizabeth said...

My Five year old son has become fascinated with the Shroud. We went to see the photographic copy at the Ukranian Catholic Basilica in Philadelphis last Saturday and we heard Russ Breault give a 90 min presentation. My little guy was conducting "tours" of the image for anyone who would was so cute, he was pointing out all the major factors of the image and damage areas to the other people there. Personally, I'm convinced.

elena maria vidal said...

The more I read about what scientists say, the more I believe it is authentic.

Julygirl said...

To many people, accepting the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin means they would have to accept the authenticity of Jesus. Yet for centuries people have given over their lives for Him without even knowing of the Shrouds existence. To me, the Shroud is a marvel, and viewing it leaves one awe-struck.

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