Friday, April 20, 2012

The Soul of the Apostolate

Dom Chautard and living a devout life in the world. As Fr. Angelo says:
As anyone who is trying to live the interior life knows, there is an inherent tension between the interior and active life, and though in no way mutually exclusive, one can tend to dominate and destroy the other.  In the vast majority of cases it is the active life and encroaches on the interior life, because, in fact, it is easier to be active than prayerful.  In fact, Dom Chautard writes that nothing is more difficult than fidelity to the interior life.  It also may and does happen that certain interior souls adopt unsound habits and allow their personal devotions to impinge upon their responsibilities, for example, a mother to her children, but by far the most common problem is that we sacrifice our prayer to our work.  This problem is critical because of the primacy of prayer over action: without grace our work has no merit and prayer is our conduit to the grace of God. (Read entire post.)


Julygirl said...

It is Satan's intent to keep us distracted and busy so we do not find the time for prayer, or quiet meditation.

Allison said...

One of my husband's favorite books. He's rereading it right now. I've gotta get to it!

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