Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Egypt's Persecuted Christians

Let us pray for the brethren.
Although the Copts have long been the target of sporadic attacks, the violence of the last few years is more like a purge, as waves of mob assaults have forced hundreds, sometimes thousands of Christian citizens to flee their homes. In each incident the police, despite frantic appeals, invariably arrive after the violence is over. Later the injured are coerced by the special security police forces into accepting "reconciliation" with their attackers, in order to avoid the prosecution of the guilty. No Muslim to date has been convicted for any of these crimes.
The state's lack of regard for the Copts has encouraged anti-Christian feelings among many Muslims in all walks of life. Even Al-Azhar, the world's preeminent Sunni Islamic institution, has contributed its share to this widespread hostility by publishing a pamphlet declaring the Bible a corrupted document and Christianity a pagan religion.

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Julygirl said...

Today I read an article about a detained al-Quaida militant who confessed that they planned an attack on the Dutch and Danish teams at the World Cup games in South Africa next month to avenge insults against the Prophet Muhammad. When and Who is going to stop this insanity!

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