Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Humanity's Loss

Abortion warns of something worse.
True human love is unconditional. It is when you love someone no matter what. No matter what happens to them you will take care of them. If they get sick, even if they are in a car accident and paralyzed, you take care of them the rest of their lives. Another kind of love -- maybe a selfish kind of love -- is where you give yourself to someone only for as long as you like it. Abortion becomes this instrumentalized kind of love -- as a means for a way out. We need to turn the whole issue around and say that we need to accept everyone, all human life, the way Mother Teresa said, there are no unwanted children. If there is a child that someone said is unwanted, bring that child to me and I will take care of that child because I love that child.

And this is the truth of the matter. So if one were to make a claim that abortion allows us to act out some kind of altruistic care for other people by avoiding hardship, that logic leads tragically, I'd say murderously, to claiming that handicapped people shouldn't exist. Once you do that, it's the denial of all human dignity. (Read entire article.)

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Matterhorn said...

Great article, but I would also say that many people seem to have a genuine difficulty in grasping that the unborn, especially in the earlier stages of their development, are really fully human beings, whose lives are fully as sacred as ours. Over and over, pro-lifers try to make analogies between abortion and the Holocaust, or abortion and slavery, but the answer is often: "Oh, but those people were living, talking, walking, breathing, etc., so it's different." The motivation for abortion is selfish, but there also seems to be a genuine blindness at work. I even had an Eastern Orthodox friend who said something to this effect: "Oh, abortion doesn't count as murder, they're so small, they don't feel it".

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