Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Christ of the Tabernacle

Fr. Mark on Eucharistic Adoration.
The hidden Christ, the silent Christ, the humble Christ of the Tabernacle models the virtues of the Rule of Saint Benedict in the most astonishing way, and communicates those same virtues to those who linger in His company. Far from being a baroque adornment detracting from some mythical primitive Benedictine sobriety, Eucharistic adoration is the wellspring of the holiness that Saint Benedict describes in his Rule.
Eucharistic Adoration is the school of hiddenness,
-- of silence,
-- of solitude,
-- of humility,
-- of obedience,
-- of servanthood,
-- of an abiding love that calls no attention to itself,
-- of ceaseless prayer to the Father,
-- of the Work of God,
-- of compassion for sinners,
-- of burning love for souls,
-- of gentleness towards the weak,
-- of Divine Hospitality,
-- of monastic perfection. (Read entire article.)

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