Thursday, July 28, 2011

Modesty and the Popes

A reader sent me a site which contains some of the traditional Catholic teachings on modesty from the not too distant past. Such directives and exhortations were intended to protect the dignity of women in an age when sexuality was being used more and more as a tool of  further exploitation. We are now so far beyond what anyone in the first part of the twentieth century would consider decent as far as clothing goes. However, I think we can derive at least a general idea of what is considered to be appropriate attire becoming to a devout Christian. Some Catholics find such writings by prelates to be very offensive; I can't think why. To quote:
Modesty will moreover suggest and provide suitable words for parents and educators by which the youthful conscience will be formed in matters of chastity. "Wherefore," as We said in a recent address, "this modesty is not to be so understood as to be equivalent to a perpetual silence on this subject, nor as allowing no place for sober and cautious discussion about these matters in imparting moral instruction."[103] In modern times however there are some teachers and educators who too frequently think it their duty to initiate innocent boys and girls into the secrets of human generation in such a way as to offend their sense of shame. But in this matter just temperance and moderation must be used, as Christian modesty demands.  ~Pius XII

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