Monday, April 16, 2012

On Beauty

From a Carmelite friar (via The Association of Catholic Women Bloggers):
Rarely do we ever receive direct access into God, but when our lives are in harmony — with those around us, with nature, and especially interiorly — we become aware of all the interconnections and how exquisitely they are crafted. And in times of super-harmony, all the events of our lives make sense and fit together. Then, we begin to understand the Composer and even glimpse the Composer. Yes, I think we see God’s Beauty when we strive to live in harmony and peace with our neighbor and strive to find interior harmony and interior peace. Therefore, to live a spiritual life is to strive to live a harmonious life. (Read entire post.)


Matterhorn said...

I have recently been noticing the remarkable beauty of many pro-life leaders- such as Lila Rose, Rebecca Kiessling, Melissa Ohden, and others. They are really gorgeous. Perhaps God is trying especially hard to attract people to their message?

elena maria vidal said...

That could very well be.

tubbs said...

HEAR HEAR ! Enough of this !
CUSTODY OF THE EYES!!! You're all brazen sensualists.

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