Thursday, December 13, 2018

Saint Lucy, Bride of Christ

"Lucy, Bride of Christ, by your sufferings you have gained mastery of your soul." —The Roman Breviary
St. Lucy died in 304 in Syracuse, Sicily during the persecution of Diocletian. She is the patroness of eye ailments. From Aleteia:
St. Lucy was a holy young woman...who was inspired by St. Agatha to dedicate her life to God. At the time she was betrothed to a man, but Lucy felt called by God to remain a virgin and distribute her dowry to the poor. This enraged her betrothed, who brought her in front of consul Paschasius for being a Christian. Paschasius commanded her to offer sacrifice to the pagan idols. Lucy adamantly refused and remained steadfast in the practice of her Christian faith. Paschasius was astonished by the fearless responses of Lucy and sought to break her will. The medieval text known as the Golden Legend narrates what happens next.
“The sting of the whip will silence your lip!”Lucy: “Those who live chaste lives are the temples of the Holy Spirit." 
“Then I shall have you taken to a brothel,” said Paschasius, “your body will be defiled and you will lose the Holy Spirit.” 
“The body is not defiled,” Lucy responded, “unless the mind consents. If you have me ravished against my will, my chastity will be doubled and the crown will be mine. You will never be able to force my will. As for my body, here it is, ready for every torture. What are you waiting for? Son of the devil, begin! Carry out your cruel designs!”
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"The Martyrdom of St. Lucy" by Pietro Novelli

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