Friday, June 10, 2011

Saint Thérèse and Purgatory

From an article by Father Dr. Hubert van Dijk. (Via Irenikon)
  This is what St. Therese says, "I know that of myself I would not merit even to enter that place of expiation since only holy souls can have entrance there. But I also know that the Fire of Love is more sanctifying than is the fire of Purgatory. I know that Jesus cannot desire useless sufferings for us, and that He would not inspire the longings I feel unless He wanted to grant them."13 It is true that Purgatory is a wonderful grace, for if needed, without the purification in Purgatory we would not go to Heaven, and the work of art which God intended and created us to be would not be completed. But St. Therese is right: at the moment of our death we already have our place in Heaven. Afterwards, there is no growing in grace anymore. Whoever does not go through Purgatory does not miss anything.


Mary333 said...

Oh! I liked this post! Let's face it, no one really WANTS to go to purgatory if it can be avoided and God certainly would like us to go straight to heaven and be with Him. Maybe God will give me a long life so I can be "perfected" here on earth :) But on the off chance that I die soon could you pray for me? Lol! (But I'm not kidding!)

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, I will, and please do pray for me if I die fist.

Mary333 said...

I will :)

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