Saturday, May 2, 2020

Novena to the Servant of God Élisabeth of France

The Servant of God Madame Élisabeth de France, sister of Louis XVI

Here is a novena in honor of the martyred princess of France, lasting from May 2 until May 10. From Hozana (translated from the French by Tea at Trianon):
Born on May 3, 1764, sister of Louis XVI, unmarried, after a life of prayer and service to the poor, she chose to stay with her family despite the danger and experienced imprisonment and death on the scaffold on May 10, 1794. On February 10, 1790, she dedicated France to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, while asking for the protection of poor children. In these particularly difficult times, let us entrust to her our particular intentions, the single people whom we know and who seek to give meaning to their lives and, of course, our country. (Read more.)
Prayer the Beatification of Élisabeth of France
God our Father In your great mercy You called Élisabeth of France to the offering of her life for her family at the heart of the tumult of the Revolution. Driven by an unwavering faith in eternal life she supported her companions in their ordeals and brought hope to those who were going to die with her. Unmarried, she helped the poor and the sick, supported by fervent prayer. By her intercession grant us, according to Your will, the graces that we implore. In Your great kindness, make the Church recognize soon in her an authentic witness to the Gospel, a model of celibacy, diligent in prayer and attentive to the most fragile. We ask You through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Above are votive offerings of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus from Chartres Cathedral. The Immaculate Heart is pierced with the sword of sorrow, wreathed with flowers and crowned with lilies, symbols of Mary's love and purity. The Heart of Mary is offered on behalf of the Louis XVI and the Royal Family. The Sacred Heart, wreathed in the crown of thorns and crowned with the flame of love and the cross, represent the Passion of Christ and His love for the world. The Sacred Heart is offered on behalf of the Church in France. The votives were left at Chartres Cathedral in 1790 by members of the household of Madame Élisabeth of France,  at her bidding.

More on the life of the Servant of God, HERE.

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