Sunday, October 16, 2011

On Holy Humility

Thoughts of Blessed Charles de Foucauld.
God has not bound salvation to science, to intelligence, to riches, to much experience, to rare gifts which not all have received, no.  He has bound it to that which is within the reach of everyone, absolutely everyone, the young and the old, human beings of every age and class, of whatever degree of intelligence and of whatever condition…He has bound it to that which everyone, absolutely everyone, can give Him, to that which every human being, whoever he may be, can give Him, having a little good will: a little good will is all that is necessary in order to gain this Heaven which Jesus binds here to humility,  in making yourself little,  in taking the last place,  in obeying, and which elsewhere He links to poverty of spirit, to purity of heart, to love of justice, to a spirit of peace, etc. (Read entire post.)

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Matterhorn said...

Interesting that you post this today. I have just been reading that King Albert I lamented that so many people in Belgium, from all walks of life, were dominated by pride and considered service demeaning. He contrasted this attitude with that of the monks and missionaries, for whom such work was an exercise in humility and charity.

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