Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Grace of Every Moment

The way to the possession of Jesus is in each hourly duty assigned to us. It is the thousand details and actions of daily life. We have only to bring to each of them a spirit of faith, and each moment will hold for us a grace, and will hold for us God.

It is God's desire to manifest Himself to us, but He wills to take created forms for this manifestation- forms of persons, events, circumstances, which call for faith if we are to recognize Him, a faith that can discern the divine through and in the human.

For each one of us, the star shining in the heaven of our souls is pointing out to us the place where we shall find Jesus. It is the star of grace contained in the Will of God of every moment, that Will which leads us to God.

~Fragrance from Alabaster
by Mother Aloysius of the Blessed Sacrament, OCD

1 comment:

Julygirl said...

Thanks.....so helpful to keep in mind when tackling what seems to be meaningless, repetative chores.

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