Saturday, April 24, 2010

Interview with an Exorcist

The Memoirs of Fr. Amorth. (Via The Western Confucian) To quote:
Benedict XVI, as John Paul II before him, indicated the central battle of the Church in our times in the moral topics and the defense of life and of the family. It is a battle against the prevailing culture in a great part of the Western world, and above all in the media. The attempt to discredit the Church and the Pope precisely to weaken the impact of his teaching is evident. Also in an evidently instrumental and incorrect way, trusting in the negative effect of the attack on public opinion -- which often does not have the instruments or the time to carefully verify the veracity of the accusations.
And this is all the more extraordinary inasmuch as if there ever was some one who seeks -- who has always sought -- to cleanse the Church, it is precisely Joseph Ratzinger.

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