Saturday, August 7, 2010

God Isn't Nice

God is good, and goodness is different from niceness.
The culture of niceness rejects anything that challenges the autonomy of the individual. It has bastardized the meanings of words such as “love”, “freedom” and “marriage”, confusing people and leaving them ignorant about God, the meaning of life, and the dignity of the human person. In fact, the origin of the word “nice” is the Latin word nescius, which means “ignorant”.

“That kind of culture activity of ‘being nice’ is destructive, and it’s not what Christianity is all about,” said Sr. Galligan. “God is not nice. God is good, and goodness is different from niceness.”

The culture of niceness also eschews the rich intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church.

“We have a tradition that is [almost 2,000] years of the best of philosophical and theological minds, with the contemporary blessings of [Popes] John Paul II and Benedict [XVI], who are also very able to engage young people, old people—the culture,” said Sr. Galligan.


Terry Nelson said...

At last - something I don't have to worry about! Kidding - this is really an excellent article - thanks for posting it!

elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Terry, I found it on the blog of author Michele Bondi Botessi whom I met at the Catholic Writers Conference in Philly.

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