Monday, November 23, 2009

Blessed Miguel Pro

Bishop Olmsted offers a moving reflection on the martyred Jesuit, Blessed Miquel Pro, who died invoking Christ the King. To quote:
Upon arrival at the wall of execution, the priest asked permission to pray before being executed. Being granted his wish, he knelt before the wall riddled with bullet holes from previous executions and, clasping the crucifix and the rosary next to his heart, he asked God for the grace of a holy death. Then, he rose, kissed the crucifix, extended his arms in the form of a cross and, facing the firing squad, declared: “May God have mercy on you. May God bless you. Lord, you know that I am innocent. With all my heart I forgive my enemies.” Finally, as the firing squad took aim, Padre Pro said in a calm and steady voice, “¡Viva Cristo Rey!” “Long live Christ the King!”

Ann Ball wrote an excellent biography of the Mexican priest
, which I highly recommend.

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Julygirl said...

I am glad to hear more has been written about him. He was brought to my attention by our priest on Sunday (Christ the King), and is an example of a true Martyr of the modern age.

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