Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Gethsemane

Watching in prayer.

You are before Our Lord's Eucharistic Face as an intercessor in whose soul the Holy Spirit is sighing with ineffable groanings, and obtaining from the Father, through Christ, the Eternal High Priest, all that the Father desires to give His priests in this world and in the next.


You are a reparator opening yourself to receive the love that so many others ignore, refuse, or treat with indifference, coldness, and disdain. By offering yourself to the Lord Jesus in an adoration of reparation, you console His Eucharistic Heart, which burns with love and so desires to fill souls with His tender mercy.


When you are before HIs Eucharistic Face, you are the privileged friend of His Heart, keeping Him company in His loneliness and allowing Him to share with you His sorrows, His grieving over sin, and His designs for a priesthood made pure and radiant with holiness.


Mary333 said...

Thank you, Elena. That was beautiful. I need to spend more time in Eucharistic Adoration. I haven't gone lately and I miss it. We have a quiet little chapel in town that has Adoration daily, it's so peaceful there.
Maybe that's why I'm flunking Lent again. I was trying to take a computer break for a few days. As you can see, it's not working out very well :) But, at least I didn't post so maybe it'll still count!

elena maria vidal said...

I always flunk at Lent but that way I am delivered from any feelings of accomplishment. All we can give Our Lord is our efforts and strivings, united to His infinite merits.

Rebecca said...

A wonderful post. I love Eucharistic Adoration!

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