Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Our Struggles

St. Joseph is there to help us in our battle with the powers of darkness.


Julygirl said...

The diabolical attacks on the Priesthood and The Church spoken of in this article have been going on for a thousand years. Any time a human agent is involved, there is and always has been the danger of sin. St. Paul and The Apostles warned that this would happen. We are just hearing more about it because everyone's 'dirty laundry' is aired these days. Just look at the difference with political figures now as compared to the past. Are they worse now, NO! In the past the public was not made aware of their transgressions. That is the difference. Read your 'Old Testament' regarding how the noble kings of the God fearing nation of Israel succumbed to evil. It has been there since we were driven out of The Garden, but now we have "The Media", and there is money to be made.

Rebecca said...

Great post. St. Joseph, pray for us!

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