Friday, June 21, 2024

The Test of Love

Light of the World by William Holman Hunt

I begged Our Lord to teach you the secret of sanctity and happiness in the
sanctification of the present moment--peacefully. The present moment contains all grace for our sanctification, and it is the only thing that matters.

Keep your eyes ever on the Divine Guest within, Whose love is directing all that concerns you every moment, even the annoying little things that cause irritation. Be generous with Him, and let your joy be in sacrifice. It was His joy. He came from Heaven to prove it to us, and love can find no other real test....

Sweet and peaceful conformity to God's Will is the test of love. It is often crucifying to self-love and self-will, but suffering was the chosen portion of Our Lord, and the faithful lover should want no other.

~Fragrance from Alabaster
by Mother Aloysius of the Blessed Sacrament, OCD


Anonymous said...

This was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this reminder. I never heard of her. I'll have to so some investigating : )

elena maria vidal said...

There isn't much about Mother A online, Theresa. I only know about her from a small booklet of her sayings which can be purchased through the link. She was the foundress of a Carmel in the midwest, I believe.

elena maria vidal said...

Sorry, Mother was the foundress of the Carmel of Concord, New Hampshire.

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