Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Year of the Priest

It has begun. It is the mission of Carmelites to pray for priests. Fr. Mark's reflections are worth savoring.
The priest is essentially a man who, in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, witnesses day after day to the mystery of the Heart of Jesus, opened by the soldier's lance and never closed. Your role, Spiritual Mothers, is not to look at the priest; it is, rather, to look with Him at the pierced Side of Jesus until, by the force of Love's irresistible attraction, the priest, and you with him, are drawn across the threshold of that wound, into the inner sanctuary of the Sacred Heart.

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Anne said...

Elena, this is wonderful! Don't look at the priest, look with the priest until you are drawn together into the sanctuary of the Sacred Heart. These are words to ponder and relish! Thank you!

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