Saturday, August 29, 2009

Songs of a Housewife

Under the Gables discusses Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' poems about household chores. It is an excellent meditation for lay Carmelites. According to Mrs. Rawlings:
I was brought up to believe in the modern myth that housekeeping is only drudgery, and the housewife is a downtrodden martyr. I thought that any seemingly contented housewives were only 'making the best of it.' When I first began housekeeping in my own home, I felt that I had entered the ranks of the mistreated.

After a time I began to realize, to my amazement, that I didn't feel at all downtrodden, and that I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I began to look at other domestic 'martyrs' from a new angle, and I have learned many things.

I have found that there is romance in housework: and charm in it; and whimsy and humor without end. I have found that the housewife works hard, of course--but likes it. Most people who amount to anything do work hard, at whatever their job happens to be. The housewife's job is home-making, and she is, in fact, 'making the best of it'; making the best of it by bringing patience and loving care to her work; sympathy and understanding to her family; making the best of it by seeing all the fun in the day's incidents and human relationships.


Mary N. said...

I really liked this post. I clean at home and at work. The truth is I find cleaning very peaceful. I am not fond of cooking, though. If you tasted it you would know why:)

elena maria vidal said...

I find cleaning peaceful, too. Always have. But oh I do like to cook!

Anne said...

I have to work at finding housework to be peaceful. It does not come naturally for me. But, I do love cooking and especially baking. I guess we just can't have it all, can we?

elena maria vidal said...

That's alright, Anne, because I think a person does not have to like certain chores in order to find peace in them. Also, when we do stuff in which we find no pleasure or devotion but we do it anyway for the love of God and others then it gives more glory to Him than all the things that come easily.

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