Friday, September 4, 2009


Here are some words from the Little Flower:
I was distressed at my want of courage, and Soeur Therese said to me: "You are complaining of what should be your greatest happiness. If you fought only when you felt eagerness, where would be your merit? What does it matter, even if you are devoid of courage, provided you act as though you possessed it? If you feel too lazy to pick up a bit of thread, and yet do so for love of Jesus, you acquire more merit than for a much nobler action done in a moment of fervor. Instead of grieving, be glad that, by allowing you to feel your own weakness, Our Lord is furnishing you with an opportunity of saving a greater number of souls."

~St. Therese: The Little Flower


Linda said...

So funny! I just posted this same quote on my blog this week. St. Therese is trying to tell us something. :)

Mary N. said...

" My strength is made perfect in weakness." I love this bible verse. It reminds me of The Little Flower. And I love this saint!

My Chocolate Heart said...

I have been returning a lot lately to St. Therese. She is my confirmation saint.
I'm reading I Believe In Love again. I have practically highlighted every sentence in the book! It's beyond words... I think I shall read it every year at least.
O Little Flower, teach us your way and pray for us!

elena maria vidal said...

"I Believe in Love" is a wonderful book. I keep coming back to the Little Flower, too. The older I get, the more I realize how great she was.

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