Monday, November 15, 2010

The Rosary and the Purification of the Soul

Some thoughts from The Beautiful Gate. To quote:
One of the first thing I started doing after my conversion was to pick up my beads daily and meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary. I had led a sinful life for years and was not really aware at the time just how deeply sin wounds us. I was susceptible to certain weaknesses and sins, especially in my thought life, and the Rosary became the weapon of choice for me. Actually, sin had dulled my soul to such a degree that the Lord had to "cheat" and poured extraordinary graces into it. He was "waking up" my soul and our Lady was helping.  It was necessary because one doesn't come back from sin on their own. It's pure grace. And sometimes this grace comes in ordinary ways, other times extraordinary. I am guessing that the Lord allowed me many glimpses into the work He was doing so that I wouldn't lose heart or despair over my sinfulness. God never stops knocking though we may stop answering the door at times.  A long time in my case. Thankfully, God is persistent.


Mary N. said...

Thank you, Elena, for sharing this post on your site. I believe the Rosary is a very powerful weapon against sin and vice. I am deeply indebted to Our Lady for all the graces she has obtained for me over the years. I honestly believe that if it were not for the intercession of Our Lady there is a very good chance my soul would have been lost.

elena maria vidal said...

Mine, too.

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