Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Enriching the Sabbath

Entering into the Lord's peace. To quote:
So, if you would begin to consider how God is calling you to keep the Sabbath holy, you must first see that He is giving you time-within-time, not robbing you of time you can barely spare. The key to better understanding of what kinds of activities to engage in or to avoid on Sundays, is this:  the human person.  God created this day of rest for you, for human beings, so to find out what makes it holy, we must look at what makes people whole. What makes us more whole, more integrated, more human?  Leisure – the capacity of our souls to be at rest, to be patient, to cease acting upon and using the created world, to simply be.  What mitigates against our personhood, deforms our souls, fractures and disintegrates human communities?  Whatever compromises true leisure.

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