Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cast Thy Care Upon the Lord

Seek His face. In the words of Fr. Mark:
In the Lesson from the Book of Kings, both the prophet Elias and the widow of Sareptha found themselves in dire need. The prophet was thirsty and hungry; the widow was completely indigent, having not so much as a morsel of bread in her house. At the prophet's word, the widow cast the burden of her cares upon the Lord, and the Lord provided not only for the prophet, but also for her and for her son. From that day on there was still flour in her jar, and still oil in her cruse.

I cast the burden of my cares upon the Lord when I fix the gaze of my soul upon His Face and trust Him to care for me. The Apostle Peter walked upon the waves with the sea beneath his feet so long as his were fixed upon the Face of Jesus; no sooner did he lower his eyes to consider the dark deep beneath his feet than he began to sink beneath the waves.

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Julygirl said...

Oh, so true. Hard times can either bring one closer to Him, or embitter is good to be reminded of this! As the old Protestant hymn goes; "I need you every hour"

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