Friday, April 1, 2011

Kindness: Love in Action

Kindness is a spark that reflects God’s Light, while hate engulfs us in an actual darkness. 

When we’re kind, joy begins to creep into our being, and then to pervade it. Our bodies and emotions are both healthier. This spring -- this Lent -- ask the Holy Spirit to search the depths of your soul and guide you as to what needs to be cleared out. You may be surprised at what He says! 

You also may be surprised -- once you cast out wrong emotions -- at how free and balanced you'll feel (if you keep casting the debris out). It's important to have "balance," which also means to have ease. We must be easy (not stiff). When we are ill at ease, we can become ill. There is hardness. There is dis-ease. 

Life on earth is about seeking balance in every dimension. When we start with spiritual balance, emotional and physical equilibrium follow. 

That means purifying our thoughts and it also means being "natural," simple, and caring.

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