Monday, March 12, 2012

Silence in Church

A novel conception. What don't we give it a try? To quote:
There is a simple truth at stake. There can be no real relationship with God, there can be no real meeting with God, without silence. Silence prepares for that meeting and silence follows it. An early Christian wrote, 'To someone who has experienced Christ himself, silence is more precious than anything else.' For us God has the first word, and our silence opens our hearts to hear him. Only then will our own words really be words, echoes of God's, and not just more litter on the rubbish dump of noise. (Read entire post.)

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Stephanie A. Mann said...

One of the many reasons I participate much more fully (spiritually and devotionally, not necessarily vocally) in the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite is the silence. The silence before and after Mass--and the silence during the Mass. The choir does not think it has to fill every minute of Mass with music, either!

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