Monday, September 3, 2012

Gaze Upon Christ

From Fr. Mark Kirby:
I have known souls whose concentration on sin is more intense than their concentration on the Face of Christ and on the merciful love of His Heart. These souls are never at peace. They are forever examining themselves, and searching for evidence of sin and imperfection where they should be searching for evidence of the grace of Christ and His readiness to raise up the fallen, heal the broken-hearted, and bind up their wounds.

It is more effective, and more fruitful, to love virtue than to live, at every moment, in the fear of vice. By this I do not mean that one should not fear vice and hate sin; I mean, rather, that to focus on such things is unhealthy for the soul and breeds a spirituality of pessimism and gloom. (Read entire post.)


Terry Nelson said...

How much I need to read this today! Thanks!

elena maria vidal said...

You're welcomed! It helped me as well.

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