Saturday, August 18, 2018

St. Helena the Empress

My patron saint. She discovered the True Cross. Don Marco says:
Saint Helena was not merely collecting relics for posterity. Her discovery of the True Cross saved the Orthodox Catholic faith from being submerged in a sea of speculative philosophies that denied the true Flesh and Blood of Christ. Saint Helena’s discovery points to the God who became man and suffered death on a real cross in a particular place at a precise moment in history. Mary Magdalene, the Apostle to the Apostles was the herald of Christ’s resurrection; Saint Helena became the herald of the mystery of the Cross. (Read more.)


Nancy Reyes said...

I had always thought that Helena was a tavern keeper's daughter (as per Gibbons) but the British Chronicles says she was actually British and a king's daughter. LINK

elena maria vidal said...

I've heard both as well and I lean towards the tavern maid story.

Unknown said...

How does one choose a patron saint? Or is one chosen for us?

elena maria vidal said...

Your patron saint(s) are based upon your baptismal names, which are usually chosen for you as an infant. Your confirmation saint (and name) you can choose for yourself.

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