Monday, August 17, 2009

Approaches to Modesty

Quotes from the catechism as well as some reflections from a young woman of faith, who says:
Modesty recognises the dignity of the human person and recognises in particular the sacredness of the love between men and women. This should be very relevant to us, living during times where human dignity is ignored and sexual love is perverted. It’s convenient to dismiss the question of how modesty applies to our exterior actions and dress and insist that we’re doing fine if our hearts are in the right place; but personally I think that every little thing that can be done to support human dignity should be done... even if it’s as simple as deciding what we’re going to wear each day.


Mary N. said...

I'm glad you are writing about virtues; we hear so little about these in our times.Sadly, when I was young I didn't think much about this virtue and offended the Lord in this area. He has forgiven me though, and I try to be careful now.

elena maria vidal said...

Don't worry, I went through the same phase as a young girl; now that I look back I really did not realize what I was doing.

Julygirl said...

These days people relate modesty and dignity to being austere, but the two are simply related to showing self respect for oneself and others.

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