Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Other People's Faults

How to put up with them.
If you cannot make yourself what you would wish to be, how can you bend others to your will? We want them to be perfect, yet we do not correct our own faults. We wish them to be severely corrected, yet we will not correct ourselves. Their great liberty displeases us, yet we would not be denied what we ask. We would have them bound by laws, yet we will allow ourselves to be restrained in nothing. Hence, it is clear how seldom we think of others as we do of ourselves.


Mary N. said...

This is EXACTLY what I am talking about when I say I am trying to work on charity in a special way this year. I hope with God's grace to improve in this area.

Julygirl said...

If our main concern would be to focus on the state of our own soul and our capacity to love, then we would not have time to nit-pick about everyone else.

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