Monday, October 1, 2018

Pray Psalm 40 for the Kavanaugh Family

Please pray Psalm 40 (or Psalm 39 in the Vulgate) for the Kavanaugh family.
... [1] Unto the end, a psalm for David himself. ... [2] With expectation I have waited for the Lord, and he was attentive to me. ... [3] And he heard my prayers, and brought me out of the pit of misery and the mire of dregs. And he set my feet upon a rock, and directed my steps. ... [4] And he put a new canticle into my mouth, a song to our God. Many shall see, and shall fear: and they shall hope in the Lord. ... [5] Blessed is the man whose trust is in the name of the Lord; and who hath not had regard to vanities, and lying follies.... [6] Thou hast multiplied thy wonderful works, O Lord my God: and in thy thoughts there is no one like to thee. I have declared and I have spoken they are multiplied above number. ... [7] Sacrifice and oblation thou didst not desire; but thou hast pierced ears for me. Burnt offering and sin offering thou didst not require: ... [8] Then said I, Behold I come. In the head of the book it is written of me ... [9] That I should do thy will: O my God, I have desired it, and thy law in the midst of my heart. ... [10] I have declared thy justice in a great church, lo, I will not restrain my lips: O Lord, thou knowest it.... [11] I have not hid thy justice within my heart: I have declared thy truth and thy salvation. I have not concealed thy mercy and thy truth from a great council. ... [12] Withhold not thou, O Lord, thy tender mercies from me: thy mercy and thy truth have always upheld me. ... [13] For evils without number have surrounded me; my iniquities have overtaken me, and I was not able to see. They are multiplied above the hairs of my head: and my heart hath forsaken me. ... [14] Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me, look down, O Lord, to help me. ... [15] Let them be confounded and ashamed together, that seek after my soul to take it away. Let them be turned backward and be ashamed that desire evils to me. [16] Let them immediately bear their confusion, that say to me: Tis well, tis well. ... [17] Let all that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say always: The Lord be magnified. ... [18] But I am a beggar and poor: the Lord is careful for me. Thou art my helper and my protector: O my God, be not slack.


Catpuss said...

I am sad that you pray only for the Kavanaugh family and not for the woman who testified of a serious assault by him. Surely if we love Christ we pray for both? We do not know the truth of this allegation except that it is a very serious allegation agaibst anyone, but especially a judge of the Supreme Court whose responsibilities will be grave. May God help us Catholics to truly hear the voices of the poor, which includes those who have suffered violence or abuse at the hands of members of the Church. They number very many these days. If we the baptised laity do not do our part to pray and act for justice for all, then at some level we collude with injustice. Surely we will have to account for how we live and pray. Will we be the good Samaritan who binds up wounds at great cost to ourselves, or the ones who walk on by? Your beautiful writing about Holy Mother Church seemed so fine until now... But what are beautiful words without love? Lord, have mercy on us sinners.

elena maria vidal said...

Who said the prayers are not for the woman/women accusers? I would hope people would pray for all who are involved, especially for the accusers, as the Kavanaugh family has requested prayers for Dr. Ford. If the Judge is as guilty as you say, then surely he needs prayers more than ever. If he is being falsely accused, then indeed he needs prayers, and those who have borne false witness need prayers. But most of all the innocent family of the Judge need prayers. You reproach me for asking prayers for two little girls? When you do not even have the courage to use your real name. I will pray for YOU, you poor cowardly soul.

elena maria vidal said...

I would also hope that included in the praying would be the elderly parents of the Judge, who are members of my parish, and have been suffering.

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