Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guarding Hearts

Fr. Angelo gives some advice for the renewal of the spiritual life at the year's beginning, saying:
Dom Chautard calls this effulgence of holiness “supernatural radiation.” By means of its blast wave, the enemies of the heart and of the Church are flung back to hell. Thus, real and effective vigilance on behalf of Christ’s Church and all the souls entrusted to Her care will always depend on the defenses of our own individual hearts.
Dom Chautard was a contemplative monk, who, at the behest of Holy Mother Church, left his monastery in order to conduct Church’s work of saving souls, but he was always so wary of allowing the ego to supplant the grace of Christ. May we never fall into that trap. May we, rather, remain vigilant in the custody of our hearts, which is the only way to place the fortification of grace around the larger, external Kingdom of God.

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