Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Life and Death Struggle

Preparing for the March for Life.
Planned Parenthood is receiving some unwanted publicity, with the publication this month of "unPLANNED," a book by former abortion clinic employee, Abby Johnson.

After eight years of first being a volunteer and then working with Planned Parenthood her support for abortion dramatically changed the day she was asked to help in an abortion and witnessed on an ultrasound how a 13-week-old baby was fighting for its life as the procedure was under way.

According to an interview published Jan. 11 on the National Catholic Register Web site, Johnson said she had never witnessed an ultrasound during an abortion before. At the time of the abortion she was director of the clinic in Bryan, Texas. She explained that Planned Parenthood had always told them that a fetus had no sensory development until 28 weeks, something contradicted by what she saw on the screen as the fetus struggled to avoid being suctioned out.

Her book describes how this experience led her to quit her job at the clinic, and recounts her journey from college girl to being head of an abortion clinic and then on to pro-life advocate. Planned Parenthood tried to prevent the book's publication, in a lawsuit that failed. It was worried, no doubt, by her description of how the organization pushed to increase the number of abortions at Johnson's clinic, which are a big profit-maker.

For those of us who are unable to attend the March, let us pray for an end to this great evil.

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