Monday, January 3, 2011

Who Will Speak His Name?

We must never be afraid to speak the name of Jesus. Tradition is more than propriety or decorum.
Fr Robert Barron notes in this clip that with Jesus we have to “resist the temptation to domesticate him” as a man with “interesting spiritual insights.” He reminds us that Jesus was a man of Whom his followers were “amazed and afraid,” and to this day, we will all have to take stock of our impression of Him and His mission.
I have the greatest affection for Elizabeth—her obstinacy towards Rome not withstanding. But I think that this short video provides a fascinating time capsule of sorts that will allow us to decide whether we’re going to defend “principles” and “ideals” or the Name of Jesus Himself on Whom civilization must be ordered. If she, as “Defender of the Faith” will not stand by the Holy Name—and others follow suit—then our post-Christian culture only risks further annihilation until another people emerges to do as He asks.

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