Saturday, January 22, 2011


Fr. Blake writes honestly about the ancient tradition of the Church and why we must pray for our priests. To quote:
It has become unpopular to see celibacy as a higher way of living than marriage, despite the fact that this is what the Gospels plainly teach, providing of course it is for the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is very easy when we lose a sense of the supernatural to see celibacy merely in terms of a celibate priest being cheaper to keep and easier to move than one who is married, or equally cynically counting as a blessing that celibacy gives him the advantage of not being prone to divorce or having children that might disgrace his vocation.
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Anonymous said...

Someone on a program on EWTN this past week was talkin about the sex scandals and made a very good point. He said celibacy is not the problem; that's been proven to be a Saint-maker for 2000 years. The real problem is a crisis of fidelity.

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