Monday, January 4, 2010

Blessed Angela

Terry Nelson discusses the nature of penitence as lived by Blessed Angela of Foligno.
Her conversion did not happen overnight of course, it was indeed a process. There was no "born again" mentality existent in those days. People today imagine they are propelled into the state of perfection simply by a return to the Church or the sacraments, yet one's conversion is ordinarily a long, at times arduous process. Angela speaks of a penance as "long and as hard as life itself". One overcomes a fault or sin, only to discover another more spiritual sin, hence the need for ongoing purgation and purification, willingly or unwillingly undergone - in this life or in the next. Angela did it in this life. If you can, try to read her writings - not so much of what people write about her - go to the source.


Julygirl said...

It is indeed a journey or taking 2 steps forward and 1 back for some of us. A stubborn and arrogant personality has a much more difficult time of it.

Terry Nelson said...

Thanks Elena! Always united in prayer, Terry

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