Friday, January 22, 2010

The Cross

From Holy Cards:
Little headaches, little heartaches
Little griefs of every day
Little trials and vexations.
How they throng upon our way.
Yet all life is formed of small things.
Little leaves make up the trees.
Many tiny drops of water blending
Make the mighty seas.
Asking him for grace sufficient
To sustain us through each loss
And to treasure each small suffering
As a splinter from His cross.


Elizabeth said...

How Beautiful.
I just put this in a word file and printed it out to put on my fridge.
I think I will be sending it out to many folks.
Pax Christi!

elena maria vidal said...

It's humble and simple but says a lot.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. :>

Anonymous said...

I do need a reminder of accepting all the *slivers* God sends our way everyday. Sometimes, they are the hardest to accept with humility.

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you, Susan!

VERY hard, CM, we can only bear it in union with Him!

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