Monday, January 18, 2010

Wedding at Cana

A meditation from A Capuchin Journey. To quote:
The wedding at Cana shows us God’s love is the real wine that lasts! It has the power to transform not only water into wine, but a cold heart into a warm one. The wine of God’s love is inexhaustible, freely given and poured out for us in the blood of Christ. Most importantly, we can trust in God’s love because it's never ending.

The wedding at Cana is an important story because it helps us to understand where our ultimate trust needs to be. Mary, realizing she is getting know where by her own efforts falls back on her faith and trust by saying to the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.” She has to let go of control and places all her trust in the Lord. She knows that such a trust will never end in disappoint. Not doing what we know Christ calls us to do does lead to disappointment and often inner impoverishment.

As we watch events unfold in Haiti, we see the need for so much help and assistance. The circumstances may not be as trivial as having a wine shortage, but a miracle is needed never-the-less. We may wonder what we can do when what to do is not clear. Being open to the gospel challenges to do what ever He tells us might be a good starting point.

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Julygirl said...

One can see why this incident in particular was included in the Gospels. It is so rich in meaning as well as foreshadowiong of things to come.

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